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Are you having trouble paying your mortgage?
Do you think you will soon fall behind?

Register for a workshop to learn your options around foreclosure prevention. This class is for homeowners who own and occupy their homes and are in default and/or in danger of foreclosure. Don’t wait until you have fallen too far behind in paying your mortgage. Contact NEST today!


Foreclosure assistance programs are available; let NEST help you explore your options.

Some options include:

Modification – The bank may agree to change the terms of your loan by lowering your payments, changing the loan to a fixed rate, making the loan term longer, or adding the money you owe to your principal balance.


Partial Claim – For those with FHA-insured loans, HUD may agree to pay what you owe and put a lien (or legal claim) on your property. The lien is payable when the loan matures, when the property is re-financed, or when it’s sold.


Pre-Foreclosure Sale – The bank may let your home be sold even if the selling price is less than the

balance owed on the mortgage.

When you think foreclosure is likely, don’t wait! Come talk to us.

Download our NEST Intake Packet. Click on the PDF icon below: 

If you are unable to complete the form due to a disability, please contact Maybeth Morales-Davis ( and we will do our best to accommodate you in another way. Our office is handicap-accessible. Please call ahead so that we may accommodate your needs.


All classes are held from 5:30 - 7:30 PM via Zoom video conference. Once you register for a workshop, a link will be sent to you. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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