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Our Resident Leadership Training Program empowers you to identify strength-based leadership skills within yourself and others, bridge generational divides and develop greater trust and connection amongst others, and transfer vision into reality. 

About The Program

The goal of the program is to hone the strengths of Waterbury residents, develop concrete leadership skills, and increase their sense of being agents of change.  This philosophy of engaging residents to establish positive relationship allows community to solve its own problems, obtain resources and support, and influence change.

The Resident Leadership Training Program, based on Neighborworks® America's Curriculum, consists of 8 courses.

Unit 1: Waterbury 101

Unit 2: The Art and Importance of Leadership

Unit 3: Connecting Generational Experiences

Unit 4: Identifying and Mapping Our Community

Unit 5: Keeping Cool In Conflict

Unit 6: Communication Approaches

Unit 7: Creating Community Change

Unit 8: Action Planning

Participants are required to attend a minimum of  6 of the courses to receive their Resident Leadership Graduate Certificate from NeighborWorks® and be eligible to participate in the national conference.

Applications for the 2024 cohort are due February 9, 2024. 


For any inquiries about the Resident Leadership Training Program, please email Ian ( 

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