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A collaborative group of public, private, and community stakeholders that have partnered to rebuild our urban forest.



To grow a green, healthier, vibrant, sustainable, safer, and equitable urban forest.


Our Reason

Did you know all urban areas are losing its tree cover at an alarming rate. Trees are felled due to storm damage, disease, and development. Most trees are concentrated in parks, steep slopes, and wealthier neighborhoods. Many parts of the city lack shade, clean air, and public green space.

Waterbury Needs More Trees

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Inspire People To Value Trees

  • Encourage everyone to correctly plant and care for trees so they stay healthy and grow to maturity

  • Connect with people so they better understand the value of trees and can become advocates for trees in their communities

  • Educate homeowners, landowners, agencies, communities, and organizations across Waterbury on why an increased canopy is important

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Increase Waterbury's Tree Canopy

  • Protect and expand planting of trees as critical infrastructure

  • Advocate for more trees for under-resourced communities and neighborhoods

  • Collect and communicate the latest tree science and urban forestry information

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Reduce Threats To Urban Trees

  • Help residents and communities recognize the importance of tree diversity

  • Use NEST’s local mapping of tree species diversity to more effectively manage the urban forest


Suburban Homes

High Property Values

Each large front yard tree adds

1 % or more to the sales price of a home.


Improved Water Quality

In a year, 100 large 40-year-old trees capture about 370,000 gallons of rainwater, reduce soil erosion, and the cost of storm-water management.

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Healthy People

In a year, 100 large 40-year-old trees remove 31 tons of carbon dioxide and 420 pounds of other air pollutants.  Trees reduce stress levels and are correlated with lower rates of death from pulmonary and cardiovascular disease.


Homeowner Savings

Strategically placed trees can save up to 56 % on annual air-conditioning costs. Evergreen trees that block winter winds can save 3% on heating costs.

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Safe Communities

Tree-filled neighborhoods have lower levels of violence and are more conducive to social interaction.

City Landscape

Better Business

In tree-lined commercial districts, shoppers visit more frequently, shop longer, and pay more for goods and parking.

Request A Free Tree

We appreciate your interest in receiving trees from the Waterbury Tree Coalition. 

Please fill out the form. Your information will not be shared outside the Waterbury Tree Coalition.


If you have any questions, please email Ian (

Do you own the property where the tree will be planted?
Do you need planting assistance?
Would you like to be added to our voluteer list?

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