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Yazmin Perez

Housing Counselor

Yazmin completed her Associate’s Degree in Social Work and is continuing her studies to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

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My Story

When did you join NEST?

March 2021

Why did you decide to join NEST?

I decided to join NEST because I knew I could gain some experience toward my social work/human service degree.


What is it about NEST that has kept you engaged with our work/mission?

Seeing clients getting the help they need when it comes to Housing stability and Housing education. It motivates me to continue helping others.  

Please share a memory or story from your time at NEST.

A special memory I like to carry in my heart was when I was able to help a landlord and tenant receive rental assistance. The landlord was struggling for months to complete the UniteCT application; she came to me in tears because she was under so much pressure. I assisted her and we were able to complete the application together. After a couple of months, she sent me a thank you card explaining that she was able to get approved for rental assistance and that she was grateful for how patient and kind I was with her. She stated that it’s been a long time since she has received great customer service as she received here at NEST.


Looking forward, what are your greatest hopes for the future of NEST?

I hope NEST continues to grow in all aspects with more real estate development projects, community engagement, increased capacity, and more programs that can assist greater Waterbury.


What are 3+ things you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy dancing, going to church, and playing video games.

Let's Connect

203-753-1896 Ext. 212

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