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Tichina Pemberton

Real Estate Development Project Manager

Tichina holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of Bridgeport and BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Southern CT State University (SCSU). She previously worked as a preschool teacher in Head Start classrooms for 4 years before transitioning over to Housing Development. Tichina says, “I’ve been in in my current role as a housing development project manager for almost 8 months and loving it!”

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My Story

When did you join NEST?

July 2022

Why did you decide to join NEST?

I wanted to expand my horizon in the affordable housing sector and serve those who require it most.              

What is it about NEST that has kept you engaged with our work/mission?

The fact that NEST is serving its community as best as it can. NEST cares about its community and its clients.

I feel like we're making a huge difference in greater Waterbury, especially when it comes to preparing people for homeownership and building its community for the betterment of Waterbury.     


Please share a memory or story from your time at NEST.

Starting at NEST, I was extremely nervous and anxious about my role. But what I got was welcoming and encouraging sentiments from everyone in the office. I've never felt so encouraged to learn and gain experiences at an agency and for a person so early in my career, all of the encouragement was motivating and really gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed here.


Looking forward, what are your greatest hopes for the future of NEST?

I hope NEST expands its RED development to span many communities in Waterbury.


What are 3+ things you like to do in your spare time?

I like reading, playing tennis and playing my clarinet.

Let's Connect

203-753-1896 Ext. 211

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