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Massiel Romero

Housing Stability Specialist

Massiel is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science/Public Health degree. She is working with the Torrington Area Health District on a project to gauge and track how families struggle in finding a better environment to live in.

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My Story

When did you join NEST?

September 2021​

Why did you decide to join NEST?

NEST offers a beautiful environment to work in and I enjoy helping the community. I believed I would be able to grow, enjoy helping the community, and gain more experience towards my Bachelor of Science/Public Health degree.


What is it about NEST that has kept you engaged with our work/mission?

The work structure and motivation that we give to one another keeps me engaged.


Please share a memory or story from your time at NEST.

There was a time when I was a helping a client through the UniteCT program. He was a landlord who was dealing with a difficult time paying his mortgage and receiving rent arrearage from his tenant. He visited our office on several occasions because he was not able to get in contact with his tenant. After a few calls back and forth, he was able to get all the documents and paperwork that he needed. We were proceeding with the application - taking almost 3 hours to finish it! When we were finally done completing the application, he noted how happy he was with the service we provided him and referred other fellow landlords to apply to the UniteCT program.


Looking forward, what are your greatest hopes for the future of NEST?

I look forward to seeing NEST progressing. Whose mission I firmly believe in, such as my own in helping others succeed and grow. Moreover, keep developing new skills in real estate development projects, and seeing future programs that may assist greater Waterbury and other service areas that we assist with.


What are 3+ things you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy reading, meditating with God, and working out.

Let's Connect

203-753-1896 Ext. 220

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