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Fernando Cerdena

Housing Stability Specialist

Fernando studied Chemical Engineering at the UNSA Arequipa Peru, Computer Programming at IBM of Peru, and Marketing through the ESAN of Peru. His work experience includes IBM Peru, Publisher Teleguia NC, NC Marketing Director, and CEO of Hispanic Marketing Resources NCN.

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My Story

When did you join NEST?

February 2022

Why did you decide to join NEST?

I joined NEST through the census project their team was assisting the state of CT with at the time. I enjoyed their work and mission so much that when an opportunity opened with them I jumped at it.


What is it about NEST that has kept you engaged with our work/mission?

Their commitment to helping others.

Please share a memory or story from your time at NEST.

I met with a constituent and supported her through the UniteCT program. Her testimony of our work together is most memorable for me.


“My name is Stephanie Pérez and I am writing about my recent experience with [NEST] – Unite CT. Recently I have fallen on hard times; my landlord raised my rent by over $300 per month and it has made it very hard to make ends meet. After being denied for my initial application for rental assistance, I was given the opportunity to re-apply and for this I am grateful. I worked with Mr. Fernando Cerdena who was very helpful guiding me with which documents were required for my case and he was also nice enough to offer his assistance in case my landlord needed a hand with completing the application. I was approved for the rental assistance, and I just want to say thank you so much for making this possible for someone like me to receive a bit of help and move forward in their life. To all that work at [NEST] – Unite CT, thank you for all that you do.” - Stephanie Pérez 


Looking forward, what are your greatest hopes for the future of NEST?

To continue assisting families on a larger scale.

What are 3+ things you like to do in your spare time?

Spending time with my grandchildren, listening to music, and reading.

Let's Connect

203-753-1896 Ext. 218

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